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Noun : A Wrap Up

This is not the wrap up of everything but as for now, we should move on to another Grammar parts.
However, remember, never quit learning and comprehending about nouns.

Good Luck!

Printable Worksheet #Nouns

Here are some printable worksheet on nouns. You can print them, and read it wherever you want.

                                                            #  common & proper nouns

                                                        # worksheet common & proper nouns


Links of Nouns

Here are some useful links of Nouns that you can browse through.

# Collective Noun

# Collective Nouns 2

Common and Proper Nouns

# Proper Nouns

# Proper Nouns 2


Dear viewers/ readers,

These exercises are not meant to drill or torture you mentally and physically but to help you to test your understandings on Nouns.

Therefore, take your time to answer the questions, think carefully.
Good luck!

# Common Nouns

# Proper/ Common Nouns

# Special Nouns

Collective Nouns

Collective Noun 2

Grammar Games

Here are some of exciting games of Nouns that you can play. It is an easy way for you to make yourself clear of the what Nouns are.

# Grammar Balloons

# Grammar Blast 1

# Grammar Blast 2

# Grammar Blast 3

# Grammar Blast 4

# Grammar Blast 5

# Grammar Blast 6

Check out more games on Grammar at

Remember, practice makes perfect! If you practice, you will surely understand the meaning!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grammar Rocks Nouns : An Insightful Video

If you are still unclear of the notes on nouns, or you simply do not want to read the notes, check this video out. Trust me, it's interesting!

P/s; Relate it with your own life!

Noun : a great start to Grammar introduction

It is always uneasy to start a new thing in your life. Grammar too has it's own good start.
Therefore, for the introduction, let us see through the meaning of nouns and have a quick reviews on them.

# A noun is the name of a person, place, or thing.
# Nouns are divided into five different kinds : --
Proper Nouns 
Common Nouns
Collective nouns
Material Nouns
Abstract Nouns
# A Proper Noun is the name of a particular person, place, or thing.
eg :  John ( person ) ;  Palm Beach County ( place ) ; The Chinese ( people );
                                                   Books ( thing )
# A Common Noun is a name that can be given to any person or thing of the same kind.
eg : Man, boy, table, dog
# A Collective Noun is singular in form though denoting more than one.
eg : Herd, army, flock.
# A Material Noun is the name of a substance
eg : Milk, iron, wood.
# An  Abstract Noun is the name of a quality.
eg : Love, truth, color.

Number of Nouns
# Number shows whether one is meant, or more than one.

# There are two Numbers : --
The Singular Number
The Plural Number

# The Singular number denotes only one object.

boy, girl

# The Plural number denotes more than one object.

boys, girls.

# The Plural is generally formed by adding s to the Singular :
pen      pens             chair       chairs
book    books          garden    gardens

# When the noun ends in s, x, ch, or sh, the Plural is formed by adding es to the Singular : -
glass     glasses        watch    watches
box       boxes         dish       dishes

# If the noun ends in y, and the y has consonant going before it, the Plural is formed by changing y into ies : -
duty    duties       army   armies
fly       flies           lady    ladies
But if the y has vowel going before it, the Plural is formed by simply adding s : --
day      days      key           keys
boy      boys     monkey   monkeys

# Most nouns ending in f or fe form the Plural by changing f or fe into ves
calf      calves         life       lives
knife    knives         wife     wives
leaf      leaves         thief     thieves

If the noun ends in o, and the o is preceded by a consonant, the Plural is generally ( not always ) formed by adding es to the Singular : --
cargo    cargoes      negro     negroes
hero      heroes        potato   potatoes
# But if the o is preceded by a vowel, the Plural is formed by simply adding s to the singular : --
bamboo    bamboos       curio    curios
cuckoo     cuckoos        studio   studios

# Some nouns from their Plurals irregularly : 
man       men          tooth       teeth
woman  women      mouse    mice
foot       feet           ox           oxen
goose    geese        child       children

# Some Nouns have the same from in the Plural as in the Singular : -
deer      deer             fish        fish     ( fishes )
sheep    sheep           dozen    dozen ( dozens )

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What is GRAMMAR, why learn GRAMMAR?

#Grammar is the system of a language. People sometimes describe grammar as the "rules" of a language; but in fact no language has rules*. If we use the word "rules", we suggest that somebody created the rules first and then spoke the language, like a new game.

#Do we need to study grammar to learn a language? The short answer is "no". It's important to think of grammar as something that can help you, like a friend. When you understand the grammar (or system) of a language, you can understand many things yourself, without having to ask a teacher or look in a book.

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